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Opportunity for MS/PhD study with a full scholarship is available at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, Idaho State University, Idaho Falls, ID, USA. Research directions include (but not limited to): IoT Security and Privacy; Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning; Smart Health Care Security and Privacy; and 6G Communications. Requirements include: (1) Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Math or a related discipline; (2) High GPA; (3) Good programming and mathematical analysis/optimization skills; and (4) Good TOEFL/IELTS and GRE scores (given the candidate has already taken the tests).

Interested students, please send your CV, transcript(s), and your English proficiency scores to:

Potential candidate(s) will be contacted for an interview over Zoom, particularly for verifying domain knowledge in the undergraduate project and/or Masters thesis, and programming skills.

Note: Applicants not fulfilling the aforementioned requirements will be deemed not serious, and will not be responded to.


Jan. 2022:

  • Paper accepted: IEEE Network [Q1, IF: 10.693], “A Lightweight Hierarchical AI Model for UAV-Enabled Edge Computing With Forest-fire Detection Use-case”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE Network [Q1, IF: 10.693], “On Softwarization Of Intelligence in 6G Networks For Ultra-Fast Optimal Policy Selection: Challenges and Opportunities”.

  • Paper accepted: Elsevier ICT Express [Q1, IF: 4.317], “Vehicles Communications Handover in 5G: A Survey”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE ICC 2022, “A Hybrid AI Model for Improving COVID-19 Sentiment Analysis in Social Networks”

  • Paper accepted: IEEE ICC 2022, “On Improving Automated Detection of Cyber-Bully in Social Networks with Constrained Datasets: A Hierarchical Deep Learning Approach”

  • Paper accepted: IEEE ICC 2022, “MED-GPVS: A Deep Learning-Based Joint Biomedical Image Classification and Visual Question Answering System for Precision e-Health,”

  • Paper accepted: IEEE ICC 2022, “Performance of Hybrid Satellite-UAV NOMA Systems”

  • Guest Editor: MDPI Electronics Special Issue on Advanced Applications of Sensor Network and Wireless Communication, [IF: 2.397], accepting submissions.

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  • Paper accepted: IEEE GLOBECOM 2021, Improved UCB-based Energy-Efficient Channel Selection in Hybrid-Band Wireless Communication”.

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  • Associate Editor: IEEE Access (Impact Factor: 3.745), 3 year-term.