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Sept. 2022:

  • Award - Funded project: ($225K for 3 years), for the project "Collaborative Research: NeTS: JUNO3: SWIFT: Softwarization of Intelligence for Efficient 6G Mobile Networks", supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF)Japan-US Network Opportunity 3 (JUNO3). In collaboration with Tennessee Technological University, TN, USA, and Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. [Award link][News link]

  • Paper accepted: MDPI Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease [Q2, IF: 4.415], Attention-Based UNet Deep Learning Model for Plaque Segmentation in Carotid Ultrasound for Stroke Risk Stratification: An Artificial Intelligence Paradigm”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE Access [Q2, IF: 3.476], “Privacy Protection in Surveillance Videos using Block Scrambling-Based Encryption and DCNN-Based Face Detection”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE IoTaIS 2022, “RF Energy Harvesting Dependency for Power Optimized Two-Way Relaying D2D Communication”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE IoTaIS 2022, “Machine Learning Benchmarking for Secured IoT Smart Systems”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE IoTaIS 2022, “Efficient Wireless Network Slicing in 5G Networks: An Asynchronous Federated Learning Approach”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE IoTaIS 2022, “Online Location-Based Detection of False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grid Using Deep Learning”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE IoTaIS 2022, “Toward Asynchronously Weight Updating Federated Learning for AI-On-Edge IoT Systems”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE IoTaIS 2022, “An End-To-End Explainable AI System for Analyzing Breast Cancer Prediction Models”.

  • Paper accepted: IEEE IoTaIS 2022, “A Two-Step Machine Learning Model for Stage-Specific Disease Survivability Prediction”.

  • Paper accepted: BMVC 2022, “G2Net: Generic Game-Theoretic Network for Partial-Label Image Classification”.

  • Sole Guest Editor: MDPI Diagnostics [Q2, IF: 3.992] Special Issue on “AI-Based COVID-19 Detection", accepting submissions.

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